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1.Contains everything from the sprint collection 

2 Contribution proportion 

3. Describe project expectation

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1.Contains everything from the sprint collection 

Sprint LogSprint Log Blog LinkDateWorkload CompletedRemaining workloadPercentage of Completed Workload
11Group-Sprint Log 1http://t.csdn.cn/JsTQ612.06Basically completed the front-end development and debugging work 18%
11Group-Sprint Log 2http://t.csdn.cn/AT8Gv12.08Basically completed the back-end development and debugging 22%
11Group-Sprint Log 3http://t.csdn.cn/2jRtO12.10Has successfully realized the front and back end and server connectivity, at the same time, the corresponding online running and perfect processing. 20%
11Group-Sprint Log 4http://t.csdn.cn/NdNORhttp://t.csdn.cn/NdNOR12.12The software interface has been optimized accordingly, and part of the plate has been redesigned to enrich the integrity of the whole interface 19%
11Group-Sprint Log 5http://t.csdn.cn/zYDel12.14Focus on final testing of the project 21%

2 Contribution proportion 

NameDivision of labourProportion
Zekai ZhengFront-end development,Product Manager,Editor of blog101%
Zhaoyang ZhangFront-end development,Back end development102%
Zewei BaiBack end development,UI Art,Product Manager101%
Xinyue LiBack end development,Product Manager99%
Yiyan FengFront-end development99%
Zhengyu LinFront-end development,Product Manager101%
Kaixiang ZhengProduct Manager,Editor of blog98%
Yueyang MaProduct Manager,PPT Making100%
Ruiqi LiuFront-end development,Back end development99%
Cheng HuProduct Manager,Editor of blog100%

3. Describe project expectation

MaYueyang:In this project, I was developing the back end. This development experience was very impressive for me, because it was my first time to develop software in a team of ten people. In this development process, I continue to expand my knowledge through the Internet, and I also in this development experience from a new person who does not know anything to a beginner. I also hope that such learning experience will let me go further and further on the road of software development. At the same time, I have a deeper understanding of teamwork in this experience. My nine teammates and I are helping each other to make our software more complete.

Hu Cheng:In the development of this project, I was mainly responsible for the design work of the project, including software demand analysis, software page art, PPT and blog editing and production. At the same time, I also participated in and assisted the back-end development and software testing of the software. In the process of this development, I not only improved my programming level, but also mastered a lot of knowledge in software development, which greatly improved myself. I also realized the cohesion of a team in the cooperation with the team, and it was this cohesion that enabled the successful completion of our project. I am very happy to finish this development with other team members.

Zhang Zhaoyang:On this project, I used Angular to develop the front end and collaborate with my team members. By the time the work was done, I was better at front-end development and more experienced at coding. During this process, my greatest improvement was my teamwork ability. This was my first time to participate in the code development of a 10-member team, which greatly improved my ability to communicate, communicate and deal with team affairs.

Bai Zewei:In this project, I was responsible for front-end and UI design, and used prototyping software to make the prototype of our project. In the project, I mastered the interconnection between the front-end and the prototype design software, which improved the coding efficiency of the front-end part of our team. Thanks to the teamwork, I learned how to cooperate with others to complete the work through communication.

Zheng Kaixiang:In this project, I completed the production of the user online platform through cooperation with team members. In the process of the project, I learned and mastered the front-end framework of angular and other user interfaces. In order to complete this task, I also inquired a lot of relevant materials. In the process of team cooperation, we learned from each other and laid a good foundation for future practice

Lin Zhengyu:In this project, I was responsible for writing front-end code and testing software functions. In the process of this project, I learned to use software testing methods such as boundary value analysis method, false inference method and basic path testing method to test our project. At the same time, I also learned the language and skills of new front-end code. In the process of cooperation, I realized the importance of division of labor for software development. This has brought a lot of positive influence on my future study and work. Meanwhile, I have been trained through this project and laid a foundation for my future practic

Feng Yiyan:In this project, I consolidated my existing knowledge of angular, gained a deeper understanding of front-end code, and gained a deeper understanding of angular components. In order to complete the task, I learned a lot of new knowledge about angular and acquired more ways to make software. In the cooperation with my teammates, I found the fun of writing code. We started from scratch and gradually realized the whole task, which also fulfilled my original idea of doing the front end

Zheng Zekai:In this project, I completed the production of this user online interactive platform through communication and cooperation with my team members. In the process of project production, I learned and mastered the front-end framework of user interface construction such as angular and some back-end code programming languages by learning from experienced coding classmates in the team. In this project, I fully realized the importance of team communication in software engineering.

Liu Ruiqi:The experience of being in charge of the code side of the project greatly improved my code proficiency and exposed me to new tool platforms. In the process of mutual assistance and communication with members, I also realized the importance of team division of labor and cooperation, and had a deeper understanding of project planning. This project experience will make my future work and study more organized. I am very glad to have this practical opportunity.

Li Xinyue:In this project, I was responsible for writing the back-end code. I completed my task by searching information on the Internet and discussing programming knowledge with team members. Through this project, I learned some brand new knowledge and programming tools and skills. I didn't have a lot of programming experience before, and this project provided me with a good opportunity to learn. In the process of cooperation, I understand the importance of software development for developers. This will bring good benefits to my future study and work, and lay a foundation for me to participate in more projects and practices in the future. I hope to have more opportunities to participate in such programs in the future.

code warehouse address:


Video link:

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