LAB 3-2 Project defense & alpha test - sprint

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Please add a format description at the beginning of a blog written for this assignment.

The Link Your Class<https: ...>
The Link of Requirements of This Assignment<https: ...>
TeamName<Group ID-TeamName>
Sprint Summary Link<link to sprint summary>
Video demo link<https: ...>
GitHub link<https: ...>

Project defense PPT

  1. Project architecture design diagram, the division of labor of each member, and the project execution plan
  2. Project actual progress curve, burndown chart
  3. What problems were encountered and how were they resolved
  4. The actual architecture of the project: front-end and back-end development frameworks, technologies used, deployment processes, etc.
  5. Describe the project's test plan, test tool selection and application, and project test review
  6. Members' process experience

Defense process

  1. PPT speech
  2. For the work display, please bring a computer to the students who are demonstrating. The computer needs to pre-adjust the project and make sure it can run. If you need to use a mobile phone or other devices to project the screen to the computer, please prepare and pre-adjust it in advance;
  3. The defense of the project (teachers and other team members put forward opinions on the design structure of the project and project execution plan management to help the project improve)
  4. Each group will strictly limit the presentation time (within 10 minutes): PPT presentation + work presentation (7 minutes), project defense (3 minutes)

On-site review requirements:

  • a) Scoring items, including PPT quality (20'), speech (10'), function completion (30'), UI design and interactive experience (20'), teamwork (10'), test work (10' ); In addition, there is a section to fill in existing problems and suggestions;
  • b) Scoring requirements: objective and fair, seek truth from facts, adopt one standard for all groups, and the scores can truly reflect the report quality of other groups and the unified opinion of this group;

Additional points: After each group makes a defense presentation, other groups can ask a total of two questions, and if there are valuable questions, they will win 1 point for their own group. (The tutor is responsible for recording and judging)


1 sprint plan (submit deadline 12.05)

  1. Summarize and think about the previous work of the team, record the defense opinions during the defense process, and give improvement plans
  2. Sprint team division of labor (tabular format)
  3. Build and give the team project's GitHub repository

5 sprint logs: Team name - sprint log (12.06, 12.08, 12.10, 12.12, 12,14, once every two days)
The team leader submits the sprint log after completing a sprint, and each blog needs to write down the log of each member, as follows,

  1. Explain the progress of each student in this sprint in the form of a table: the completed task, the duration of the task, and the remaining time, and report the problems encountered in completing the task and the way to deal with them
  2. Give the record of the stand-up meeting content of this sprint, including meeting content, and meeting process (photo, video, etc.)
  3. It is necessary to give the check-in records of Github and screenshots of the operation of this sprint project (not necessarily the results of the complete project operation, but the results of the operation of partially implemented functional modules), introduce the progress of the development, and give this sprint Progress Burndown Chart
  4. Team member contribution table, giving the contribution degree (percentage) of team members and the corresponding contribution
  5. It is required to report each day in this section corresponding to the implementation of the sub-use cases in the UML design. For the previous design, if there is any change, it is necessary to emphasize the improved part, and give the new sequence diagram, state diagram, and activity diagram of the software,

1 Sprint Summary Blog: Team Name - Sprint Summary (12.16, Final Sprint Summary)

  1. Attached a link to the sprint plan
  2. Contains everything from the sprint collection
  3. Describe project expectations
  4. The actual progress of the project
  5. The process experience of each member
  6. The division of labor among the team members and the workload ratio in the whole stage
  7. Attached code warehouse address, PPT link address

1 pinned sprint collection: team name - sprint collection, with links to 5 team sprint blogs

  1. Use markdown links and tables to present
  2. Clearly mark the name of each log blog, as well as the corresponding date, the workload completed on that day, the remaining workload, and the percentage of completed workload to the total workload
  3. The sprint log for the day should be added to this blog in time
  4. The GitHub repository of the team project is attached at the end of the blog

1 Video demo with a self-made name
Show all the functional points of the completed project
The video requires 5 minutes ± 1 second

Blog score [100'] proportion:
1 sprint plan【10'】
1 sprint collection【10'】
5 sprint logs [5 * 12 = 60']
1 sprint summary【10'】
1 Video demo【10'】
GitHub repository

  1. Create a corresponding code warehouse
  2. Create a team document warehouse, put the PPT and test documents of this assignment, and all team documents and PPT of previous assignments into this warehouse
  3. Collaborate by establishing a branch or posting a pr. Every time there is major progress, please release a corresponding version release. The version number should comply with the naming convention of the industry


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