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  • 1. The CSDN links of each Lab
  • 2. Summary and harvest
  • 2.1 Personal Programming
  • 2.2 Pair Programming
  • 2.3 Team Project
  • 3.Technology and tools
  • 4.Others


1. The CSDN links of each Lab







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2. Summary and harvest

     In this course, I developed the habit of blogging and learned that learning and sharing are our best teachers. Sharing our own skills, learning from online or from a partner, can greatly improve our ability to deepen our understanding of the course.

2.1 Personal Programming

      In the personal programming experiment, my biggest gain is that the process of coding should follow the corresponding norms. Not only does this specification look neat and beautiful, but it's also good practice. This habit can avoid a lot of bugs in the coding process in the future, and in the debugging process of the code can also accurately locate the problem code. Although the personal programming experiment is relatively simple, I have a basic understanding of the process of writing blog and coding, which is a great harvest for me.

2.2 Pair Programming

     In the pair programming experiment, my partner and I completed a multi-person dice rolling software, which is required to be a small program of Mid-Autumn cake gambling, and the results are fully random. One of the biggest things I've learned throughout software development is collaboration and coding. In the early stage of development, we need to implement the initial model of our product on some websites (such as Ink Knife) to provide a clear idea for our programming; Then my partner and I started programming, which was the most difficult because it was the first time we had actually written a program, and we didn't have any experience with it. In this process, we have encountered many problems, but they are solved by searching the Internet. In the whole process, my partner and I first thought about how to allocate tasks and requirements. After confirming this, we started our respective work. Finally, after solving all the problems such as programming, we made a summary and summary.

2.3 Team Project




     Our team programming project is Fuzhou University sports meeting assistant. In this team project, I learned a lot of web development technologies, such as uniapp+vue2+axios+sass+zb-table in the front-end, router+webpack in the middle, and node+express+mysql in the background. The deployment architecture diagram for our entire project is shown below.

     In this project, I am mainly responsible for information management and problem solving.These include user login problems, as well as some unexpected situations encountered during the development of software.In the process of user login, our initial idea was to directly create an account and password to realize user login. However, it was found that it might be possible to forget the password later. Therefore, in the final design, we added the application email or mobile phone number to verify the login link, so as to solve the problem of users easily forgetting the password. In addition, I also took into account that users may change their accounts or share the same account with others, and so in the design of the software, we allowed a person's information to be viewed on more than one account, provided that the person viewing the information knows the password of the personal information.

     In the problem solving part of the development process, I was mainly responsible for checking the problem, searching for solutions on the Internet or asking related personnel about similar problems, and finally providing feasible solutions and solving the problem together with the development team. The workload of this part is relatively small in the early stage of development, but in the later stage, there will be some unexpected problems from time to time. If these problems are not solved in time, they will seriously affect the software development process, so the part I am responsible for plays a very important role in the later stage of development.

3.Technology and tools

1.  JavaScript: JavaScript is a high-level scripting language belonging to the network. It has been widely used in the development of Web applications. It is commonly used to add a variety of dynamic functions to web pages to provide users with more smooth and beautiful browsing effects. Typically, JavaScript scripts implement their functions by embedding them in HTML.JavaScript technology implements dynamic web programming technology.

2.  Vue2:Vue is an incremental framework for building user interfaces. Unlike other large frameworks, Vue is designed to be applied layer by layer from the bottom up. Vue's core library focuses only on the view layer, making it easy to get started and integrate with third-party libraries or existing projects. On the other hand, when used in conjunction with a modern toolchain and various supporting libraries, Vue is also perfectly capable of providing drivers for complex one-page applications.

3.  Uniapp:Uniapp is a framework that uses Vue.js to develop all front-end applications. Developers write a set of code that can help us quickly deploy our applications to the wechat mini program platform.Uniapp is built on JS technology. By reading JS code, you can read Uniapp and build wechat mini program.

4.  Pycharm: Pycharm is an integrated development environment that can be used with GitHub. At the same time, the debugging capabilities of Pycharm are powerful enough to help me start analyzing bugs in my code. The most important thing for a programmer is to have a proficient integrated development environment.

5.  Github: In this course, the use of GitHub is deepened. GitHub is simply a remote code repository. I can update my own local code to a remote code repository, and my friends in the group can see my updated code and update it to their local code repository for easy co-coding. Most importantly, Github has version-control, and if something goes wrong with the code, so does the live deployment. To reduce the damage as quickly as possible, you can start by rolling back to the previous version. The new version allows time for troubleshooting.

6.  modao: modao is an online prototype design and collaboration tool. With the help of ink knife, product managers, designers, developers, sales, operators, entrepreneurs and other user groups can build product prototypes and demonstrate project effects. Ink knife is also a collaboration platform. Project members can collaborate in editing and reviewing, whether it is product idea display, or collecting product feedback from customers, or performing a Demo presentation to investors, or collaborating in communication and project management within the team.My second and third experimental prototypes were developed by modao.



      First of all, I benefited a lot from this course. In the theoretical course, I fully understood the ways and methods of software development. In the experimental class, I learned how to translate what I learned into results, and learned to query and solve problems on the Internet. This course has significantly improved my programming level and code quantity

     In this course, I fully realize that it is no use for us to just learn knowledge. What we should learn is how to apply it to our life, improve the efficiency of producing results, and make our work more efficient. Through the study of this course, I have laid a solid foundation for my future work, which makes me have certain qualifications to participate in the work

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