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Lab2-2: GitHub - Domiantor/Demo



PART 1 : The CSDN links of each Lab

PART 2 : Summary and harvest

PART 3 : Technology and tools

PART 4 : What I want to say

PART 1 : The CSDN links of each Lab

No. of Lab



EE308 lab1-1


EE308 lab1-2


EE308 lab2-1


EE308 lab2-2


EE308 lab3-1


EE308 lab3-2

PART 2 : Summary and harvest

    On the one hand, my personal programming ability is not very good, my logic ability also needs to be improved, and I know less software and language. In the course of this study, after day and night's self-learning of online materials and communication experience with my team members, My programming skills are improving. It is worth mentioning that the content arrangement of the course, the gradual advancement of experiments and the reasonable stage summary have indeed improved our ability to complete the project.


    What is also improved is the ability to cooperate with others in programming. Firstly, we need to determine the overall idea and use method of our programming, secondly, we need to modularize it and choose the modules we are better at for programming. At the same time, we also need to carry out more communication in project development to better understand each other's ideas or communication methods and see if there is a more efficient way to realize it.


    In this team, I mainly assumed the role of team leader, and was mainly responsible for personnel arrangement and program writing in this project. In this process, I applied the requirements analysis, project management, software testing and so on that I learned in the course to practice, and also had a certain understanding of the management and process of a project. The ability to arrange personnel and promote projects has been exercised.


    Next, I mainly introduce The product of this project, which is called "The Majority".

* Focus time

* Memo

*Item prediction

    Although the function may be relatively simple, the interface is relatively simple and ordinary, but this is in line with our design philosophy. The main innovation I think is that the value of characters is associated with the memo, which can be reminded by the increase or decrease of each value of characters, which is also a kind of formation system. There is also the item prediction, which seems to be less useful, but can actually help us reduce the accidents in life and give appropriate reminders. In a word, In our opinion, this software is more suitable for the user's private life can give a lot of help to the software.

PART 3 : Technology and tools

In this course, I learned many skills, the main ones are as follows

  1. How to use forums and platforms, such as blogging on csdn, uploading software on GitHub
  2. How to conduct market research and user questionnaire survey for the products to be designed by oneself. Write requirements analysis reports, draw UML diagrams, write sprint logs, do presentations, defend, and so on.
  3. How to use CSS, Android Studio, Javascript for front-end,Prototype design software ink knife.
  4. Learn how to use server MySQL and sqlite databases
  5. At the same time, I have accumulated some teamwork experience and developed some teamwork skills, and I know from the ground up that there is a lot of work to be done to carry out a project.

PART 4 : What I want to say

    In general, from the study of this class, I have got a lot, understand how a software project out of nothing, although I will not necessarily be able to go on this road, but I will remember this course, and the knowledge and spirit learned in the study of life.


    The future plan is to be able to postgraduate recommendation for the study of electronic information in Northwestern Polytechnical University or Xiamen University, hoping to be able to carry out more in-depth study of this major.


    Finally, I would like to thank the teachers and teaching assistants for their efforts in the semester. I hope I can achieve a good result.

PART5 Video Link and Github Link

Video Link

Lab2 Bobing

lab3-software prototype

Lab3 team project-The Majority

Github Link

Lab2 Bobing

Lab3 team project-The Majority



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