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Requirement of this assignmenthttps://bbs.csdn.net/topics/617593156
Team nameOut of the ordinary
The goal of this assignmentDesign a scientific calculator and interest rate calculator as well
Other reference materialsno reference
Prototype web page link https://js.design/v?i=fLzEv_&p=HkIoE00jKA&f=8upOTNgJ_Bn7zvfMoxvFW&wi=true&box=14pm&scale=fit
GitHub code linkhttps://github.com/cjwhaogaoleng/FastCode.git


  • 1. Project Division of Labor
  • 1.1 Specific division of labor
  • 2. Function implementation idea description
  • 2.1 Prototype development tool
  • 2.2 Thought description
  • 3. Screenshots and full running video of the program
  • 3.1 Introduce your prototype
  • 3.2 Difficulties encountered and solutions
  • 3.3 Results show
  • 4. Screenshot of GitHub's commit log, counting the number of commits for each group
  • 4.1 PSP form (one per team member, posted on the team blog)

1. Project Division of Labor

Student IDWork DescriptionContribution
832102226Prototype interface design18%
832102230Prototype interface design18%
832102216Blog writing4%
832102229Back-end design and server deployment30%
832102224Writing of front-end code30%

1.1 Specific division of labor

Student IDWork Description
832102226Overall UI design planning and task assignment, UI interface design and interaction of login, notification and team, overall prototype interaction design, UI file export, demonstration video recording and document writing.
832102230UI interface design of home page, calendar and face recognition, prototype interaction design of corresponding modules, prototype interaction test and modification, web page test and document writing.
832102229Write login and registration interfaces, scientific formula calculation interfaces, deposit and loan calculation interfaces, interest rate modification interfaces, and historical record interfaces. Deploy MySQL, Python, and related environments to the server.
8323102224Writing of front-end code

2. Function implementation idea description

2.1 Prototype development tool

We mainly use JS Design as the leading prototype interface design, and Adobe XD and Photoshop as auxiliary tools to design interfaces and widgets, citing some icons in Alibaba vector library.
JS design is a domestic professional UI design tool that can be edited in the cloud. It is supported by single visual design, merger prototype framework design, component library support, online design and teamwork.
JS design has the following advantages for our team:
● Ease of use: The operation of JS Design is simple, and even users who have no design foundation can get started quickly.
● Collaboration: JS Design supports multi-person collaborative design, which can improve design efficiency.
● Extensibility: JS Design supports third-party plug-ins, which can meet the individual needs of users.
● Design material library: The design material library of JS Design contains a large number of high-quality graphics, icons, fonts, colors, etc., which can meet the different design needs of users.
● Developer mode: JS Design has a developer developer mode, which can facilitate the docking between our UI group and the front-end group. The cutting, color information and labeling that developers need most are also gathered on the far right side of the panel. Developers can freely switch between iOS, Web and Android development platforms. Support for page elements, export pictures in various formats and magnification.
● Compatibility: js Design supports the import and direct editing of XD, Figma, Sketch and JS files, and resources with different file formats can be used, which greatly improves the efficiency of our UI design and builds a bridge for resource interoperability.

2.2 Thought description

Login and registration: Use Flask combined with MySQL to store the registration request data sent by the front-end in the MySQL database through HTTP requests, and query the database when the front-end sends the login request
Scientific calculator: Converts the calculation formula sent by the front-end into commands that can be called by Python through regular matching, and calls Python's eval() function to perform the calculation. Finally, it is returned to the front-end through HTTP
History: Store the results of each scientific calculator in the MySQL database and query them during front-end calls
Interest calculation: Store the interest rate for each year in the database in advance. When receiving a calculation request, query the interest rate corresponding to the closest age and calculate the interest, with the formula of interest=principal * interest rate * age
Modify interest rate: When obtaining the interest rate from the front-end, modify the interest rate in the database

3. Screenshots and full running video of the program

3.1 Introduce your prototype

In this assignment, our UI department continue to use the simple but various functions style to design the interfere of the advanced calculator system.When user open the app firstly, the app will let user login in by the username and related password and if the user firstly use this app, he/she can press the button which is in the south western of the page. After loging in the system, the app will give us three buttons to use the related functions which we want to use. In the "Scientific calculator system, users will see a simulated calculator and users can press the buttons to input the data to get the result. Also, when users use the interest rate calculating system, users can press the buttons which is situated at the north eastern of the page to determine the savings account type or loans type. What's more, if users want to check the data history of the calculator, they can press the third button after logging the app to search the history. And there is the button used to return the last step in each page.

3.2 Difficulties encountered and solutions

Problems encountered by the front-end: when docking with the server, there is a problem in obtaining the data requested by the asynchronous network, and the front-end data has been problematic due to the inconsistency between the data returned by the server and the interface document, and the data of the server cannot be obtained correctly.
Solution: Search online for solutions, use professional Android knowledge, use interface callback and call the main thread to return data and synchronize ui data.
Front-end docking problem : trying to communicate with the back end, correcting errors, finding the correct data structure, and finally successfully obtaining data.
Backend encountered problem: Missing VC++components for server deployment of MySQL. The progress of the front-end is too slow, resulting in insufficient time for testing interfaces and docking.
Solution: Find the Whl file for VC++online and install it in the environment. Using Postman to simulate front-end debugging interfaces, while using extreme data to test stability

3.3 Results show


subscriber data


History, interest rates on deposits and loans


4. Screenshot of GitHub's commit log, counting the number of commits for each group


4.1 PSP form (one per team member, posted on the team blog)

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