EE308-台北下了雪-AlphaSprint Summary

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Goal of this assignmentAlpha Sprint
Team name台北下了雪
Leader's MU STU ID and FZU STU ID19105592 & 831902115
Teammate1's MU STU ID and FZU STU ID19105932 & 831902104
Teammate2's MU STU ID and FZU STU ID19104031&831902114
Teammate3's MU STU ID and FZU STU ID19105576 & 831902202
Teammate4's MU STU ID and FZU STU ID19103158 & 831902116
Group Number4C
Alpha Sprint Plan
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1.The original intention of our design.——"Nullas"

  Nullas is an open source resource integration platform integrating technical experience sharing and personalized content recommendation. It is a wechat small program for open source developers and enthusiasts born based on GitHub, the largest open source community platform in the world.
  Nullas by integrating the content of the making of high quality, high heat, and then based on the data we get user interaction, etc, to produce a according to interest set by the user's own personalized content and often browse related content data of small procedures, make users as far as possible to save time and get yourself interested in technical content accurately.
  At the same time, users can collect the project content, which will be added to the user's personal favorites for the user to view and browse in the future. They can also search for the previous article through the history of browsing.

2.The functions we realized and prospects for the future.

  We have completed the front-end design and realized the smooth jump of each interface, and we have designed our own UI. The UI of each interface is very unified, making the user look very concise. As for the back-end, we have established our own local database, but because the back-end database and the front-end applet interface function can not be interconnected, this part is also the part we will focus on next.
  At present, we still have some deficiencies in the process of practice. For example, the search bar in our applet can not be put into use because our current networking function is not perfect. Secondly, the hot content below the search bar can not be ranked according to the heat, and the hot degree can not be extracted.

3.Our experience gained through this laboratory.

Leader Yue Zhuo :
After this laboratory, I deeply realized the importance of rational distribution of work content and teamwork. In this process, all five of us encountered different problems, but with our timely communication, we effectively solved each difficulty.

Teammate 1 Yanqi Fan :
In this experiment, since our small program needs the support of back-end code, I worked hard to learn the knowledge related to pathon crawler in my spare time and made progress in exploration, which greatly strengthened my learning and application ability.

Teammate 2 Chuan He :
After seven days of hard work, I think this is a great breakthrough for myself. Before that, my ability in art can be said to be very poor, but because of this, my team leader arranged the front-end design for me. Through the design of the front-end user interface of the applet, I exercised my art and typesetting ability to a great extent, I am very grateful to the captain for his wise arrangement.

Teammate 3 Yaxing Li :
During the cooperation with my teammates, I learned how to realize the data interaction between the front end and the back end. , Meanwhile ,my teamwork ability has also been improved. I also improved my coding ability in the process. It was a wonderful experience!

Teammate 4 Jinhan Lin :
In the past seven days, I've learned a lot of useful back-end knowledge and learned a variety of programming languages to laid a good foundation of our laboratory . In this process, my teammates and I cooperated with each other, developed and applied the knowledge we had mastered in practices,which not only exercises my teamwork ability, but also improves my cognition and understanding of the team.

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