06 Group — Sprint Plan (12.04)

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The Link Your Classhttps://bbs.csdn.net/forums/MUEE308FZU202201
The Link of Requirement of This Assignmenthttps://bbs.csdn.net/topics/610142480
Team Name好好食
Sprint Collection Linkhttps://bbs.csdn.net/topics/611216699
The Aim of This AssignmentSummarize the previous work of the team & Develop a sprint plan
Video demo linkhttps://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Pe4y137iz/?vd_source=74ee6e134a8d3b785417c5e89eb0e8dd
GitHub linkhttps://github.com/Software-Project-2022/Lab


  • Part1 Teamwork Summary Reflections
  • 1.1 Summarize the previous work of the team
  • 1.2 Record the defense Opinions and Quesitons
  • 1.3 Relevant improvement solution
  • Part2 Sprint team division of labor
  • Part3 Team project's GitHub repository


Part1 Teamwork Summary Reflections

1.1 Summarize the previous work of the team

For the first week, our preliminary work includes the following points:
 First, the main content and general direction of the project are formulated. We brainstormed the valuable applications on the market and the main needs of Internet users, combined with our daily lives, to come up with such a multifunctional and interesting tool-based healthy eating website, in this website, we designed the turntable function, recipe query function, diet record and other functions.
 Second, the first week of preliminary work also includes the most important prototypes. We used mockplus, a prototyping software, to create a beautiful prototype. The rest of the preliminary work is the writing of the report and the drawing of some charts*.

In the second week, our preliminary work entered the stage of improving the documents. The work mainly includes the following points:
 First, we prepared and improved the reports to be submitted. In this work, we integrated all the results of the first week into a report just like the user manual, so that others can understand our project.
 Second, write a topic selection and demand analysis blog. In this work, we present the analysis results of customer needs, so that we can better understand the needs of user groups, and let investors see our market prospects.
 Third, prepare the report PPT. In this work, we adopted a simple and focused production style to avoid lengthy words and make the presentation effect of the report clearer.

1.2 Record the defense Opinions and Quesitons

 1. Decide that the turntable can be developed into a richer usage scenario.🤔
 2. As for the source of food caloric data, obtaining the data from other websites cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data, and manual input also requires a large amount of manual work, which is not reasonable. You can automatically calculate the calories of various foods by importing the calories of various ingredients and using the food ingredient list.📊

1.3 Relevant improvement solution

 1. In the aspect of webpage beautification, we further improve the overall picture, and try our best to bring users a convenient and comfortable experience;🙂
 2. For food calorie data and other issues, our team will accurately confirm the number of calories of each food to ensure the authenticity and validity of the data;👍
 3. We will continue to improve the food calorie database, expand the weight of food, food is not limited to a single ingredient, will also add common home dishes, convenient for users to use the "eat well" healthy diet advice, while "one click fast" record home food calories.💯
 4. Add the "random" option to the large turntable. When the user has nothing special to eat or has serious difficulty in choosing, the random mode can be turned on and the large turntable will randomly provide food suggestions to the user.👫

Part2 Sprint team division of labor

Team MemberDivision of Labor
Siyan_Xie (Leader)Report Writing、Front-end、Back-end
Siyi_WangVideo Editing and Organizing、Front-end、Back-end
Shuhui_XieReport and Defense、make PPT、Front-end、Back-end
Xintong_YuBlog writing、Front-end、Back-end
Jiayi_WuReport and Defense、make PPT、Front-end、Back-end
Chenjie_WuBlog writing、Front-end、Back-end
Kejing_ChenReport Writing、Front-end、Back-end


Part3 Team project's GitHub repository

Here is the Github repository of our project:https://github.com/Software-Project-2022/Lab

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