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Sprint Summary

The Link Your Classhttps://bbs.csdn.net/forums/MUEE308FZU202201
The Link of Requirements of This Assignmenthttps://bbs.csdn.net/topics/610142480
Spinrt Collection Linkhttps://blog.csdn.net/m0_52405850/article/details/128437400?spm=1001.2014.3001.5501
Vedio demo Linkhttps://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1a44y1o74H/
Github Linkhttps://github.com/BoLiupro/HealthCare_V2



  • Sprint Summary
  • sprint plan link
  • the sprint log collection link
  • Describe project expectations
  • The actual progress of the project
  • The process experience of each member
  • The division of labor among the team members and the workload ratio in the whole stage
  • code warehouse address, PPT link address



Describe project expectations

Make a convenient medical software

The actual progress of the project

The function is basically perfect and can be used

The process experience of each member

Su Rongzeng:

  1. Some common algorithms or functions are refined into common modules for later use, and also increase the speed of future development)

  2. Use the front end interface correctly, otherwise errors will occur when the front end and back end data interact

  3. Achieving beautiful software animation and UI requires front-end developers to master multiple architectures.

Lin Yanyu

  1. Redesign problematic code, modify code that is difficult to understand or doesn't conform to code conventions.

  2. Keep track of bugs in your project, paying special attention to bugs that appear more than once.

  3. It takes a lot of time to realize the data receiving and processing between the embedded device and the backend, and also requires the full cooperation of the backend personnel and the embedded personnel.

Li Yiyang:

  1. The tasks that interface with you must be carefully controlled, because they directly affect the quality of your work

  2. The configuration of each port of the embedded device needs to be strictly checked to prevent problems during the operation of the device.

  3. The rate and accuracy of data transmission of embedded devices should be guaranteed, so as to ensure the correct operation of the software

Lin Wei:

  1. Keep track of your weekly plan. Don't let it become a ghost.

  2. Summarize what can't be done. Concentrate your fire to destroy it, and if you can't, you'll drop it.

  3. The project needs to implement the relevant content of python crawler through the front-end interface, which requires close and effective communication between front-end and back-end personnel.

Liu Bo:

  1. When a team member is having trouble working, help him often.

  2. Do good tracking (including progress, bugs, meeting notes, design, etc.)

  3. The team leader should encourage the team members when the project meets the schedule problem (the team leader is the morale symbol of the team)

  4. Clear DNS cache during backend work to ensure it does not affect backend functionality

Han De-rong:

  1. The progress of any team member will affect the overall progress, and everyone is obliged to help other team members

The project plan is just the overall plan, which is generally only instructive, not operational. We need to dynamically change our plan to match any situation we encounter in the course of the project

  1. When software problems, it is important to solve, don't pass the buck

Wu Jingqiang:

  1. Each team member should not only do their own thing, but also help other team members solve difficult problems to keep the progress of the whole project.

  2. When the size of our image affects the speed of the software, we can use the cloud server to solve it.

    The division of labor among the team members and the workload ratio in the whole stage

    Team membersDivision of Laborthe workload ratio(%)
    Liu BoBackend development120
    Su Rongzengfront-end development ,Front-end Setup105
    Lin WeiBackend development105
    Lin YanxuEmbedded design and development105
    Li YiyangEmbedded design and development105
    Han Derongprototype design ,Blogging80
    Wu Jingqiangfront-end development , software testing80


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