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Summary and Harvest

  • The knowledge is endless. The Internet is developing at a rapid pace, and a new programming language may be born as soon as you wake up. Therefore, I think that it is not enough to constantly learn other languages and knowledge, and just learn C/C++ in the course, which I have experienced when I do my individual work. Don't wait until you need to start learning, you should learn more programming languages or skills in your usual spare time.
  • Find a good team leader. A good leader can reasonably assign everyone's tasks and motivate you to complete your progress, and when programming in the team, it is the clear division of labor of the team leader that allows me not to know how to start like a headless fly. And many problems are solved with the help of the leader.
  • Have a clear plan. In pair work, since my companions and I are both responsible for the front-end when implementing the "Bobing" mini program, all the front-end static functions are and the back-end is empty. This slows down progress. And in the initial prototyping, there were too many things to do, without considering our time and ability, so when the specific implementation was constantly cut some functions, or after doing half of it, new ideas appeared. These unclear plans have kept the schedule stretched.
  • Team communication is very important, whether, in the task assignment phase or the development phase, each of them needs to have good communication with the team leader or team members. Especially in the development stage, it is necessary to report their completion progress promptly, whether they can complete the set goals on schedule, and constantly communicate the progress of work. In the coding stage, it is necessary to communicate well with teammates, which aspects can be tested first, and the results in time after testing, and good team communication can improve development efficiency.

Technology and Tools

JavaScript: For web application development, I can add a variety of dynamic functions to web pages to provide a smoother and more beautiful browsing effect.

Mysql: database management software, effectively manage and access to our data

ProcessOn: the tool for drawing UML diagrams,it is very convenient

WeChat Mini Program Developer Tool: essential software for developing WeChat mini-programs.

Axure RP: rapid prototyping tool, very simple

Github: It's a great place to learn, and there are a lot of great open-source projects that I can learn from. Code repository hosting increases our team's productivity.


  • When determining the topic selection, we must first consider the complete ability, think clearly about what the functions that this project wants to achieve, how to achieve it, what are the highlight functions, and the preliminary preparation work must be done.
  • It's good to focus on one core function, without too many features.
  • The entire process of developing a project is carried out by the team of your choice, so it is important to choose the right team for you. Everyone in the team should have a clear role and common goals and should perform their duties and responsibilities.
  • By blogging in English, I have improved my own language skills and I believe that this will also help me study abroad in the future.

Finally, I gratefully acknowledge Dr. Qifeng Lin for his guidance and support during the
EE308FZ course. I would like to express my gratitude to my team members for helping me face difficulties I encountered during the whole process.

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