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Five Sprint Log (Sprint Collection)

  1. The First Sprint Log
  2. The Second Sprint Log
  3. The Third Sprint Log
  4. The Fourth Sprint Log
  5. The Fifth Sprint Log

Project Structure


Use Case Diagram

The use-case diagram for our project, shown below, includes two types of users. One is for regular users and the other is for administrators. Regular users can get the event information of the tournament, and regular users can also get login information, including authentication and absence. The other user is the administrator user, can manage the event information, trivia management and system maintenance work.


Administrator Side Use Case


Script Summary

Our team also encountered many problems in the process of promoting the project, among which the biggest problem was the division of labor. The problem of staffing is one that needs to be solved because it is related to everyone's workload. We called a meeting of the team members to discuss the workload of each group working together. Each of us expressed his own opinions on the division of labor. Finally, the division of labor of each person was determined by the proposal of the project team leader. After the division of labor is determined, it is the problem of everyone's work plan. If we want to complete all the tasks in a reasonable time, we need to have a more detailed work plan. According to the division of labor of each person to make each person's work plan, this part of the work falls to the head of the group leader, so the group leader first made a weekly work plan, and then held a meeting at the agreed time, to check everyone's progress.

In the actual process of project promotion, we also encountered many problems, such as:We can't write such a good component ourselves. So we learn from the plug-ins in the plug-in market and import one for use. I have tried it myself, and there are really many problems.1.Through consulting materials, discuss together. The nodeExcel package module is written to the file with the given format and parameters. 2.Through consulting materials, discuss together. Read the uploaded file module through the fs module, and the parse of the xlsx module reads the corresponding file, defines the corresponding format, and then circularly reads the corresponding data one by one. 3.Through online review, we discussed that we need to upload the file to the server through the post request multer package for storage. 4.Through consulting materials, discuss together. It uses the vuex data sharing method. Previously, it used to store data directly. When it was used, it directly stored values. However, there would be many drawbacks.

Team member contribution table

Kaixi Chen105%
Chenyu Yan115%
Zichen Huang100%
Yu Zhou80%
Jiaqi Wu Le120%
Yuzhe Zhang80%
Wenjie She105%
Jingyu Qing100%
Yangkun Xie90%
Jiewen Liu105%
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