05 Group - Sprint Summary - IoT Garbage Manager

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05 Group - Sprint Summary - IoT Garbage Manager

1. Brief Introduction

The Link Your ClassHere
The Link of Requirements of This AssignmentLab3-2 Requirement
Team NameRIDS-IoT-Group
Team Project TopicIoT Garbage Manager
Sprint Plan LinkPlan
Sprint Collection LinkCollection
Sprint Summary LinkSummary
Video demo link (temp)Preview Demo & Final Demo
Our GitHub linkGithub Repo

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  • 05 Group - Sprint Summary - IoT Garbage Manager
  • 1. Brief Introduction
  • 2. Sprint Summary
  • 2.1 Sprint Plan
  • 2.2 Sprint Log Collection
  • 2.3 GitHub Link
  • 3. Project Expectation
  • 4. Actual Progress
  • 5. Process Experience
  • 6. Division of Labor and Workload Ratio
  • 7. Link Address

2. Sprint Summary

2.1 Sprint Plan

Sprint plan

2.2 Sprint Log Collection

Sprint Collection

DateLog LinkCompleted workload(%)Remaining workload(%)Proportion of total amount(%)
2022.12.06Sprint log 1(1/5)158515
2022.12.08Sprint log 2(2/5)356520
2022.12.10Sprint log 3(3/5)653530
2022.12.12Sprint log 4(4/5)772312
2022.12.14Sprint log 5(5/5)100023

Github Repo

3. Project Expectation

Before the midterm defense, our project already had some development progress on the back-end side, so the main tasks of this alpha sprint are to develop the back-end of some unrealized functions, complete the front-end interface display, and optimize the project based on the comments received from the midterm defense.

The main tasks are shown below.

  • Optimize the back-end database related code to improve the storage of user and administrator information.
  • Create a web page to connect to the back-end and visualize the project.
  • Make some changes to the functional design based on the comments received from the midterm defense.
  • Produce a stage sprint log and project presentation vlog.

4. Actual Progress

  • User Login

  • Login to the system in user mode by registering an account, and perform basic password retrieval and personal information modification.

  • Administrator Login

    Login to the system in administrator mode by registering an account. Similar to user login, administrators can perform basic password retrieval and personal information modification.

    At the same time, the administrators should send articles related to environmental protection in the information channel, and manage the users, review and delete their comments on the articles.

  • Notification module

    Notify users of important information and important status changes of the software by sending emails.

    Provide accurate and easy-to-read disposal instructions to waste disposal staff through BOT phone and cell phone messages, and provide a variety of simple guidance paths.

  • Garbage bin management module

    Provide bin iot positioning function, which can realize the surrounding bin positioning query for users.

    It can get the status of each garbage bin, so that the garbage disposal staff can grasp the status information of each garbage can more clearly.

  • Information and article module

    Provide basic search, collection, record, personalization and push function.

  • Comment Module

    Provide users with an open comment area to improve their experience when browsing articles.

5. Process Experience

  • Hanlin Cai (Leader)

    In this project, I lead our team to resolve many challenging problems, and finally, we realize a remarkable work. In the process of cooperation, we have realized the significance of software engineering in the actual project development. In the process of building the project, we gradually made the project professional and industrial progress, and also laid the foundation for future work. I would like to experss my sincere gratitude to our team members, who are friendly, hard-working and excellent. It is my great honor to be able to progress with you all!

  • Zheng Li

    In this project, I strengthened the back-end knowledge that I had mastered and learned some brand new knowledge and tools. Through this project, I was able to build a more robust database, optimize the SSM processes structure with plug-ins which greatly reduce the amount of code. On top of that, I learned to use Swagger to make the interfaces clearer through connecting with my classmates on the front end. Also I adopted a standardized writing styles to make the code more standardized and easy to read. In addition, I also learned some efficient tools to express my views, such as creating my own drawing bed on Github and making more impressive slides. Through these tools, I can communicate with team members more efficiently and promote the project. I totally promoted myself and would keep going in this field.

  • Jiaqi Hu

    I was the main person responsible for the backend and server parts of the project. It was a valuable experience for me to combine the knowledge and practice learned in the software engineering course with my classmates this time. In the process of project practice, I made innovations based on previous project experience, improved my professional processing ability, and cultivated the ability of win-win cooperation with teammates. Most of my previous project experience was individual execution, which was very different from working with multiple people. In the process of cooperation, we have realized the significance of software engineering in the actual project development. In the process of building the project, we gradually made the project professional and industrial progress, and also laid the foundation for future work.

  • Zhijun Zhao

    In this project, I was personally responsible for the front-end build issues. I just used vue3+vite for the front-end build and tried the http interface calls in the nodejs environment for the first time. In this project, I knocked out a thousand lines of code by hand and got a lot out of it. In this project, I got familiar with some specific processes of software engineering and participated in some personnel deployment and management. Also involved in more aspects of the project than just coding, such as competitor analysis, etc. During this project, I greatly enriched my coding experience, and at the same time, I realized my role in the team very well. I hope to have more opportunities to participate in similar projects in the future.

  • Yinheng Lin

    This was my first time working on a project with a large team, and it was a different experience to writing code alone. Team projects require a clear division of labour, specific ddl for each sub-task, and adequate communication within the group, and with every meeting and every exchange, I was amazed at the innovative ideas and extraordinary execution. I was responsible for the front-end development in this project, from building the prototype of the project, to writing the front-end code in JavaScript, HTML and CSS and learning the VUE framework, I feel that my coding ability has been greatly improved through this project.

  • Shipei Zhang

    Through this training, let me understand the process of engineering development, feasibility analysis -- demand analysis -- outline design -- detailed design -- code writing. In the training process, I also learned how important teamwork is and how limited one's energy is. To further understand why organizations value teamwork so much. At the same time, I also understand that teamwork is important, but it should be built on the basis of personal quality. If a link is not well coordinated, it will affect the whole team, let alone the contribution to the team. Therefore, I think the purpose of this software engineering project practice is to apply theory to practice, consolidate what I have learned, improve my ability to find problems and analyze and solve problems with what I have learned, and exercise my working ability, social adaptation ability and self-management ability! I think this is the most fundamental purpose of practical training.

  • Youlin Feng

    Through this soft industry group project, I realized the importance of teamwork. A good division of labor in a team can make every member of the team feel the fun of teamwork while completing the task easily, which is also the biggest harvest I got in this project. At the same time, my programming and video editing skills have also been further improved, which I think is a very wonderful, unforgettable and rewarding experience. The power of teamwork is huge and surprising, and I have learned how to play my role well in a team and how to cooperate with my teammates to push the project to another peak. I think I will benefit from it for a long time to come.

  • Shuying Liu

    This soft engineering project was not the first time I participated in a group work, but it was the first time I did software development. Through this experience, I learned more about the software development process, and how phasing, regular meetings, and performance evaluations work in a group collaboration. This time I was mainly responsible for the documentation, including the initial opening report, the Software Requirements Specification and the phase summary report. In the process, I also worked on the front-end and back-end. I am glad to have this opportunity to work with the team members,

  • Jingjie Yu

    In this course, I gained more than expected and achieved more unexpected goals. From the beginning, I only had a deep understanding of back-end programming and a fixed mode of team work division, but now I have improved in many ways. In terms of programming ability, while consolidating my original knowledge, I expanded other multi-directional technical capabilities, such as WeChat applet development, web front-end content consolidation and upgrading, and expanded my own technology stack. In terms of team cooperation, in the face of this highly professional team cooperation, I broke through the previous combination of clear tasks and division of labor, learned to cooperate well in a more diversified combination, and let the whole project run healthily. These improvements lay a good foundation for my future development.

6. Division of Labor and Workload Ratio

NameTask ContentsProportion
Hanlin Cai (Leader)General mind map, burnout map, and defense125%
Zheng LiBack end section98%
Jiaqi HuBack end section amd UML diagrams120%
Zhijun ZhaoFront end part110%
Yinheng LinPrototype of model and UML diagrams102%
Shipei ZhangBack end section60%
Youlin FengPPT and video100%
Shuying LiuBack end section and blog, SRS writing110%
Jingjie YuBack end section, SRS writing75%
Total9 members in our team900% in total

Code warehouse address : Github Repo

PPT link address : Slides

Our final demo video: Video.

This blog is written by Shuying Liu, and edited by Hanlin Cai.

Latest update: 2023/01/06 12:41

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