Group 02 - Sprint Summary

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Group number and Group nameGroup 2 _ 一站式开源硬件交流社区——ELECO(电子)
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Video demo linkEE308FZ _ Lab 3-2 _ Group 02 _ Vedio Representation_哔哩哔哩_bilibili
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1 Collection of Sprint Logs 

Sprint Log NameSprint Log Blog LinkWorkload CompletedPercentage of Completed Workload
Sprint Log Plan  
Sprint Log 1 Realize user registration and login function, use Vue-cookie plug-in and the browser's built-in "localStorage" to store user information and prevent vuex plug-in after the page update data clearing problem;
2. Realize the initial construction of each interface component, using sass and css custom variables to adjust the size of web elements in a proportional way;
3. Use apifox to generate mock data: Get your own defined data by calling the fake interface, so that you can still get the data used for the display of the page when the interface is not developed on the back end. This allows us to develop in parallel with the back end and shorten the schedule.
4. Complete the writing of user class and the realization of login registration, complete the database table
5. On the front end, the return data test is completed
6. On the back end, debug user registration, login interface
7. Search for recognition hardware images
Sprint Log 2 Reconstructing the style of the css elements of the page: in order to fit with the prototype design, we resize the proportions of all the elements of the built page, including width and height, borders, fonts, etc.
2. Use the mock dummy data generated by apifox to initially realize the display of personal information on user pages: get the data defined by yourself by calling the dummy interface, and put various information of users on the layout of user home pages.
3. Finish writing the entity class, defining the required data and its type.
4.Because the front and back ends are not yet fully completed, this stage has no test, and we continue the previous
Sprint Log 3 Design post publishing page: We introduce "mavon-editor" plug-in to realize post editing and publishing in markdown format;
2. imgUrl free image bed is used to upload the images inserted by users in the posts. Details in documents
3. The mock fake data generated by apifox is used to realize the display of the user page's following & followers function: the data defined by oneself is obtained by calling the fake interface, and the relevant information of the user's followers and fans is placed on the page of the user's home page.
4. Complete user information search, user attention, take off, pagination view attention and fans
5. API interface test
6. Complete testing of all the pages that have been completed on the back end
Sprint Log 4 Initial build of sub-section pages
2. Fixed the problem that the user was still logged in when re-running the project after the cookie expired.
3. The old style has been tweaked and merged to a GitHub subbranch.
4. Modify the bug of checking the followers
5. API interface test
6. Complete testing of all the pages that have been completed on the back end
Sprint Log 5 the post's send, search, edit, delete, favorites and other functions, and complete the Tag search, association and other functions.
2. API interface test
3. Complete testing of all the pages that have been completed on the back end

2 Project Expectations

Detail Expectation accessed :Topic Selection and Requirement Analysis Report 

Visible Approach : Project Prototype Video

3 Actual Progress of the Project

4 Division of Labor


5 Process Experience of Each Member

6 The GitHub repository of the team project


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