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  • 1. LINK
  • 2. Summary and harvest
  • 2.1 Personal programming
  • 2.2 Pair Programming:
  • 2.3 Team project
  • 3. Technology and tools
  • 4. something want to say
  • 5. Video link and Github link







Lab3-2(Sprint Collection):

Lab3-2(Sprint Summary):

2. Summary and harvest

2.1 Personal programming

Through personal programming experiments, I understand that in order to complete the experiment faster and better, we need to make a preliminary plan first, and we need to have a full understanding and analysis of the subject. Drawing program flow chart is convenient for us to complete the implementation of the code. What's more, I have further strengthened my understanding and application of java language. At the same time, I learned the basic test of code and learned upload the code to github.

2.2 Pair Programming:

This is my first time to write a complete software, instead of simple program. This experience has made me grow a lot. On the one hand, I learned to design prototyping model and UI. On the other hand, I learned the importance of communication. And I experience and feel a completely different experience from single-programming. For example, I prefer to think abstractly while my partner prefer to think a problem specifically. Then we can complement each other.



2.3 Team project

In this project, I am mainly responsible for project requirement analysis, team logo design, back-end data collection and blog writing. Through this project, I not only learned a lot of knowledge about the back end, but also learned how to cooperate with my teammates to complete a project. Most of my previous project experience was individual execution, which was very different from working with multiple people. So these will be of great help to my future study and work. What’s more, I feel honored to progress with my teammates and finally finish this project.




3. Technology and tools

1.Back-end: In the project of writing back-end program, I first learned the back-end framework springboot and MyBatis-Plus code generator and how to set up corresponding environment dependence. Through learning, I went from knowing nothing about back-end programs to having some preliminary understanding. In addition, I also learned the database mysql and navicat to store data. With the help of these knowledge, I successfully built various entity classes and corresponding interfaces, and completed the tasks at the back end.
2.Database: Database is mainly used in the final team project. Relevant information passed from the front end to the back end is stored through the database and reflected to the back end through the front end when users have requirements, thus calling the data of the database.
3.Prototype tool: The application of prototype tool facilitates the overall construction of our web page. Before the formal start of the project, a prototype is built first, which is convenient for our front-end design and development, and can promote the further improvement of the design.

4. something want to say

Finally, I would like to thank my team members and teachers for their instruction. This course was not the hardest to understand but it took the most time. It is through the study of this course that I have improved my programming ability and enhanced my independent learning ability. In addition, I understand my position in a team and the importance of teamwork. Although there were many difficulties in the experiment of this course, I and my teammates finally overcame the difficulties and completed the task. I believe the knowledge of this course will be of great help to my future study and work.

5. Video link and Github link

Lab 2: BobingGame
Lab 3-1: Preview Demo
Lab 3-2: Final Demo

Lab 1:
Lab 2:
Lab 3:

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